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Bespoked 2018

They give you a pass at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you’re not an imposter. Standing in the massive hall with my friends, building our stands from the old plywood exhibition display for an organic tampon company that we got on free-cycle, there’s no doubt that this was imposter work.

Like a lot of builders all over the country, I’ve been working hard these past few months. Long days in the workshop, sleepless nights organising thoughts and going through plans. And, if you’re a me, lino printing and stamping hundreds of business cards for a few weeks worth of evening entertainment…

So there was this moment when the stand was up, and I screwed my logo into it and stood back. The bike I’d chosen for the show was looking good on my wooden plinth. The stems were arranged, the laser cut signs in place. Maybe not a total imposter.

The three days of the show were a whirl, are always a whirl, sore throat growling and tears. Smiles and anxiety and happiness. Not an imposter.


Thanks, as ever, to Josh and Jacob, the Boneshaker crew, Ryan, Joe, Tammy, Flightrider, Robin.