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Custom bike parts

I like to make things. If you’re going to buy a thing, you may as well buy a thing from someone who lives where you live, who cares about what you care about, and who wants to make that thing as good as that thing possibly could be. Support your local dirty bike nerds.


Custom fitted porteur racks are £200. I can make any size you could reasonably want. I can add things like wooden slats, dynamo light mounts, or extra copper name plaques. They will fit your bike perfectly, no cludgy adjustments like the commercially available alternatives. Just solid, strong, fillet brazed goodness. The price includes a hardwearing satin black powder coat.


Email me, and we can arrange for you to stop by the workshop, talk about what you want and get your rack underway.

More bike parts will be coming in the future. This is the beginning.