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The focus of my work is on touring, adventure, and utilitarian urban bikes. I want to make fully integrated bicycles, where the racks, stems, and lighting aren’t add on accessories, but part of a cohesive whole.

As with all of my work, I use steel, and fillet braze to join. I work with a mixture of Reynolds, Columbus and Dedaccai tubing, depending on your needs. I do not work with stainless, as I want to keep my bikes as affordable as possible.

I leave my fillets raw and unfiled. I’ve become fascinated by the idea of “truth to materials”. I take this to mean not hiding the process, showing the fabric of the thing. Un-filed fillets mean you can see how I have or haven’t controlled the heat, the brass. They’re honest about imperfections, and you can see when it’s perfect. I want the evidence of my workmanship to be clear at each joint. Along with this idea, it saves hours of time, making a locally made, custom bike more affordable, for more people.

A frame, fork, and stem setup costs from £1000. Email me to begin the process of building your custom bike.

Boneshaker Porteur


Le Menuisier


Tammy’s Touring and Town


Chris’ Breakaway


Harry’s Audax


Purple Patch Porteur