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It’s a big year for me, personally, this year.

I’ve left the grimy bike shop workbench, traded it for full time brazing work. I’ve moved into a large new space, that I share with Starling Cycles. There’s a sense of transition all around, as we bring big new machines into the workshop, and begin to move Starling processes from hand work to machine work.

I’ve been beavering away for the last few months with my files and torch, with a laser cutter and drills on my own projects. I feel that the fruits of those labours are coming together now, as my first full bike client rolled out of the workshop door today with a smile on her face.

That bike will also be on show next weekend at Bespoked. The final touches to my stand are coming together, with the unusual sensations of ┬átable sawing, routing, and oiling wood making a fun change from the usual. It’s all looking good now, and I’m excited to show publicly the work I’ve been doing.

The times they are a’changing. Or something like that.