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Free flowing

I’ve built a lot of bike racks now.

I make porteur racks, pannier racks, things on the front, platforms on the rear, low riders, all sorts and kinds of racks. And it’s still a total pleasure. Each and every rack I’ve made has been different. There is no set form, few constraints beyond the holes on the frame and the fork, the brakes and the wheels. Whole voids of space that can be filled with tubes either straight or curved, structures you can chose how to form, to triangulate, or remove. Each rack I make is a fresh blank sheet.

Making a bike frame feels so constrained in comparison. My general vibe is that bikes that deviate very far from that platonic ideal of the bicycle, those perfect triangles, tend to just look a bit, well, shit. So there’s a narrow range there, it feels to me.

But racks!

Racks are wild, racks can bend here or there, racks can have bonus struts just because, they can have whole sections that can bolt on or off, you can play with radii and form. I love building racks.

This is Jake’s new front rack for his touring bike. A modest platform for a front bag for when he’s just riding around town, space to strap a bag. And then when he heads out into the countryside, he can bolt on low riders for carrying all of the gear. Dynamo light mount with hand formed cable guides, and, as ever, my copper name badge. Banger.