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Tall Bike Tour

I’m sure it goes without saying, but I am a massive fan of tall bikes. I’ve got pretty clear ideas about what they represent to me. That’s for another time. This, here, is the Zenga Bros. I feel incredibly lucky to say that these folks came by the workshop some time ago. It was pretty great to see Billy’s modular touring tall bike, the Joy Machine. It’s an incredible hand made construction that can convert from a tandem, to a double tall, to a triple tall. Boneshaker featured the Zenga Bros in issue #11. It’s sold out now, but you can get the digital version here. Reading it, like watching this video, will open your eyes to the wild freedom that we can all claim for ourselves if we want.

I remember most clearly pushing the rowdy St Paul’s kids around on it, in the cold evening Bristol dusk, witnessing the pandemonium and laughing manically. Hoots and howls and smiles all over the shop. That’s tall bikes.  I dare you, I dare you! to tell me that this video doesn’t make you wanna leap up with a huge smile and run out the door and DO something!