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Custom bike parts

Racks and stems, fillet brazed in Bristol, one at a time.

I like to make things. If you’re going to buy a thing, you may as well buy a thing from someone who lives where you live, who cares about what you care about, and who wants to make that thing as good as that thing possibly could be. My work has featured on award winning bikes, been ragged by hard working messengers, and abused on long bike tours. Support your local dirty bike nerds.

Porteur racks


Custom fitted porteur racks are from £200. I can make any size you could reasonably want. I can add things like wooden slats, dynamo light mounts, with internal or external cable routing, or extra copper name plaques. They will fit your bike perfectly, no cludgy adjustments like the commercially available alternatives. Just solid, strong, fillet brazed goodness. The price includes a hardwearing satin black powder coat.


Why porteur racks?

It may seem counter intuitive, but carrying weight on the front of your bike is by far the best way to carry weight.

The large front platform of a porteur rack makes carrying unwieldy, awkward objects possible in a way that would be impossible with panniers on a rear rack.

You can see what you’re carrying, and hold onto it if you need to. You can throw a backpack on it, or a microwave, or a bag of rubbish for the tip, or…



Whether it’s a design you can’t find in the mass market, a way to solve a fit issue, or simply to complement a classic steel frame, a custom stem can really finish off a beautiful bike.I can make treadless or quill stems, with integrated accessories, and of any stack height, so that you can ditch your headset spacers.

Custom stems start from £180.


Email me, and we can arrange for you to stop by the workshop, talk about what you want and get your custom part underway.