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Custom bike parts

Racks and stems, fillet brazed in Bristol.

My name is Pi Manson.

From my workshop in Bristol, I make beautiful and functional bike components from steel. I build mountain bikes for the future with Starling Cycles, and ride fillet brazed, coaster brake clunkers from the past. My work has featured on award winning show bikes, been ragged by hard working messengers, and abused on long bike tours.

I write for Boneshaker Magazine, and ran the inaugural Fringe for the Bespoked handmade bike show: Besmirched.

I believe in:

Truth to materials : unfiled fillets show the process, and maker’s marks.

Ornament is crime : I want locally made parts to be as egalitarian and accessible as possible. Filing fillets adds to the cost; chrome plating is toxic to the planet.

Utilitarianism : porteur racks allow a normal bike to carry loads impossible with panniers.

Email me, and we can arrange for you to stop by the workshop, talk about what you want and get your custom part underway.